Operation Braceface, Day 659

Since it’s a week and a half until my next adjustment, I should probably blog my most recent one. (File Under: Procrastination)

braces adjustment, september 2014

From my Hobonichi Techo, the day of the adjustment:

Braces adjustment over lunch today!

More slenderizing, plus she filed down the tops of my incisors so they’d match up — one of the lower ones was especially taller than the others.

Same 6-to-6 chains, same wires.

Changed up the elastics to adjust my midline. Now I’m doing a normal Class 2 on the right side, and a Class 3 on the left. That’s reversed of what I’d been doing with the Class 2 — 3 is front lower to back upper. Doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it might.

Corn chowder and a pumpkin spice Americano for lunch, even though I’m not in a world of hurt like I sometimes am.

braces adjustment, bottom teeth, sept 2014

Six weeks later, I’ve been a major slacker with the elastics. I haven’t even been sleeping with them in, much less wearing them during the day between meals.

*puts elastics in, using iPhone front-facing camera as a mirror*

If we’re on schedule from what the original ortho estimated, I should only have seven months of treatment left. I’m not convinced, though. We still need to tie in my molars and line those up, and my midline is still off (thanks to my slackitude with the elastics), and I’m sure there are other tiny adjustments that need to be made yet.

After I’m all done with my orthodontic treatment, I’m guessing that the periodontist is going to want another crack at me, to bring my gumline back up to where it should be. We’ll see, though.

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