Carefree VoxBox!

This is my very first review of a product I received for free from Influenster, specifically for the purpose of testing and review.

Selling out? Not really. Free stuff is free stuff, as far as Iā€™m concerned.

Especially since this first box of free stuff is stuff I already use: Carefree Pantiliners.

On the left, my favorite brand. On the right, my free test pack. How fortuitous!

On the left, my favorite brand. On the right, my free test pack. How fortuitous!

But how does one review a product that one uses… down there?

One tells the truth, I guess, just like any other review.

In the initial survey, one of the questions was, “Would you consider wearing pantiliners every day?” Well, sure, I thought, if you’re giving them to me for free. Seemed kind of a waste to use them every day, honestly, but for the sake of review… *shrug* Why not?

I’m pretty sure this campaign was intended to get all of us Influensters on the daily liner bandwagon. If that was indeed the goal, I think they may have succeeded. It honestly is kind of nice to have the option at any point in the day to “freshen up.” It just wasn’t a habit I was in before. I would wear them at certain times of the month, you know, but not all the time.

That may have been a holdover from my adolescence, when only maxi pads were available — the kind that were at least a good quarter inch thick, usually thicker, and did not come with a handy disposal pouch — and my Mom refused to buy any “mini pads” or other products that might not feel like I was wearing a damn diaper. I was so thrilled when the thinner and more portable pads came on the scene, and even more so when I started buying my own product and could choose to buy liners if I wanted. I bought the liners for a specific reason, and to use them outside of that window seemed wasteful.

Maybe not so much anymore. I can get behind this.

About the product itself: I hope that the pack I had purchased previously is just some old packaging, and that this awesome adhesive-backing-and-pouch-combo isn’t just for the sample size! I love having less waste, and less crinkly noise if I’m trying to be discreet.

On the left, my liner. On the right, the complimentary VoxBox liner.

On the left, my liner. On the right, the complimentary VoxBox liner.

The astute observer may note that my purchased pack is Long, while the complimentary pack from Influenster is Regular. After using both interchangeably all month, I still find that I prefer the Longs. It’s just a confidence thing. (If only the Regulars came in the new less-waste packaging, though, I’d totally switch to those.)

Verdict? Wearing liners every day has now become a habit. Thanks, Influenster and Carefree!


PS – The hashtag for this VoxBox campaign is #freshisfierce, but I haven’t really been able to embrace it myself. I’m not a particularly fierce person in the first place, and being fresher doesn’t necessarily make me any fiercer. Fresh is fab, OK. Fresh is fun, maybe. Fresh is fantastic, too many letters for a hashtag. Sorry, but fresh just wasn’t fierce for me.

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