Yoga Log, Stardate 160721.5

First yoga class with Reggie at Majestic Fitness downtown. Attended with Jenny, a fellow yoga practitioner from the Fitness Center at work.

I went in expecting a basic-level yoga session, perhaps not as polished as I was used to getting from Doug, our former yoga instructor at work. That’s basically what we got: good poses, some good flow in places, basic balancing poses, and breathing exercises. Transitions were choppy or non-existent in most cases.

Nothing strained or hurt except holding a double-leg raise, keeping our feet a mere twelve inches off the floor. That kind of hurt my back. Nothing else was even really mildly challenging — which I think was what Jenny and I both wanted. Stretchy goodness.

We agreed that we’d be back, although we weren’t exactly positive how often. We’ll text him beforehand to let him know how many participants (if any) will be in attendance each Thursday.

We’ll see if anyone else is interested in traipsing down with me/us in a couple of weeks…

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