Deer Sighting

Deer in the back yard

I saw something moving out the window as I got ready to step on the bathroom scale this morning. That’s a big dog, I thought — then I realized it was a deer. Right there. Getting ready to nosh on the one hosta in the border along the back of the house.

I watched (and snapped pictures) as it snacked on the hosta, then sniffed at the bench and the tomatoes, and finally wandered out of sight.

By the time I was ready to get my son up for breakfast, the deer was in sight again, this time by the hydrangea tree. I got my son up by telling him to go to his window to see the deer. He was up in a flash.

I was a little extra late to work, but getting to see the deer and share that with my son was worth it. I’m just glad it didn’t eat my tomatoes.

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