Blah Blah Bloopity Bloo™

Can’t get excited about doing stuff at the computer. Can’t seem to peel my ass off this chair. Guess I’ll blog.

Today at work was my first day of manning the phones. Sky Financial Centers call the team line with loan questions and issues, and we (supposedly) answer them. I actually feel that I did fairly well. Sure, I had to put probably 70% of my callers on hold for a minute or five while I got the right answer for them, but for all but a few, I did finally get them the right answer. It wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. And everyone gave me a big “I told you so” when the day was over.

That’s OK… tomorrow, Scott (the other new guy) gets to be on phones. 😛

*interrupted by Chase Manhattan Bank calling for Aaron*

(Bitch of it is, I think Aaron might actually have a Chase card—I know I do—so I couldn’t really yell at the Indian dude I just dashed upstairs to answer.)

Perhaps later I’ll detail all the housewifey things I did this weekend, and all the garage sale finds we scored. In the meantime, though, I will point all of you to Dooce’s site. I know it’s creepy to feel an almost-acquaintanceship with a complete stranger based upon her writing style and choices of subject, but Dooce here really seems like someone I’d be OK with. Even though she’s a skinny ho. (And I use that in the kindest of ways. She doesn’t actually look like a ho.)

I’ve gotta get up and do something else. Maybe I’ll compile my latest CD project, The 90’s: Volume 2, set that to burn, then go upstairs and do some yoga or read a magazine or play Tony Hawk or SSX3 or something. I’ve gotta do something. Blah.

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