Homework Assignment

OK, I’m completely serious about this, so don’t post something silly without posting something serious, too.

I’ve been going through this list of well-designed websites, deciding what I admire and what I feel to be cliché. (I must have some amount of good taste, since I already frequent over half a dozen of the sites.) Anyway, one of the things I’d like to incorporate into my redesign (whenever it happens) is an About Me blurb. Not necessarily the full-page kind, as I’ve tried that multiple times and it just don’t work. More of something concise and amusing, like:

Diana Schnuth is a web designer and photographer in Toledo OH, making her actual living in the world of finance.

So, my homework assignment to you is to write one or two brief sentences about me that would explain who I am, and what I’m about, to any complete strangers who might confusedly stumble upon my site.

May the power of The Pink Pig be with you! Now go!

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  1. Diana Schnuth is too much monkeys!

    no really!

    ok, ok.

    Diana Schnuth spends her days at a desk attending to others’ financial woes, but she’d rather be taking your pictures and making your websites right purty.

    maybe that’s less “about diana” and more “hire diana!”

    how about:

    Diana Schnuth: The woman, the myth, the photographer. Bank employee by day, web designer by night. Hear her roar.