As previously posted on social media:

I suddenly find myself in search of a new webhost for the first time in FIFTEEN YEARS.

Amazingly enough (my Aunt Sammie would say it’s ESP), I thought to save off a local backup copy of my WordPress database last month, so my blog is not lost.

Micfo never raised my webhosting fees for the entire time I was a customer (which could be one reason they fell behind on their own datacenter payments, resulting in their customers’ data basically being held ransom), so I’ve been overpaying for unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Party’s over.

So, current status: Trying to restore my SQL-based backups and get my blog back up and running. Also realizing that I didn’t actually have the sweet-ass grandfathered-in deal I thought I had.

Update, 10:15pm
I’ve imported every blog entry from my backup, plus the few I’d posted since then (thanks to Aaron pointing out that our RSS reader of choice, Newsblur, had the text cached). I’ve made my theme look pretty seamlessly like it used to (for better or for worse). I’ve imported my blog categories.

Still to do in the near future:

  • import comments
  • upload and relink images
  • reinstall a few key plugins

Considering that it took me about a week of evenings to convert my site from Movable Type to WordPress some eight years ago, getting everything back up and running in a couple of days (including securing a new hosting service and waiting for DNS propagation) really ain’t too shabby.

Backup? Who Needs a Backup?

Me, apparently. I should have taken a backup of not just my WordPress database but also my server files before I decided to update my blog’s theme. The upgrade of the backend database to the newest version of PHP caused zero problems… so I threw caution to the wind and hit that Update Theme button I’d been avoiding for years.

Honestly, I’ve had this same blog design for eight years, and haven’t thought about it much until lately. It’s not like I have a free stretch of time to sit down and implement a new blog design — and it’s not like that’s even close to the top of my priority list. I might carve out an hour to find myself a new pre-designed theme, though.

The only real casualty was my Archive page. It’s completely MIA, because I seem to recall doing something non-standard when I implemented it. Some of my formatting is wonky now, and I haven’t checked my RSS feed (although I think my husband may be the only subscriber, anyway), but whatev.

I wanted to redo that archive page, anyway.