“Real” Web Hosting: Check.

Well, I done it. I bought a domain name and pointed it toward my sparkly new web hosting service. I have also maxxed out credit card #2 with said web hosting, and made an emergency online ‘oh-shit-did-I-just-go-overlimit?’ payment. I am totally done charging shit until I get both cards back to about 50% paid-off. Why do I keep doing this shit? I’m really pissing myself off with this.

But I digress. Web hosting.

As much as I would love to set up MT right now, I’m getting a little tired and am having trouble following the installation instructions. How should I know where I want to install Movable Type? You’re the experts—where would you put it?!
*deep breath*

I’m just really anxious to get my shit going, even though my navigation isn’t quite up to par yet. I think I need to try a couple different templates for horizontal navigation, and maybe set it up so it doesn’t look like crap with a space there, in case I can’t get rid of it. Kind of like my issue with the fixed background—it looks in both IE and Firefox, even though it looks totally different.

I wish I had more quality brain-time in the evenings. I’ve still got a good hour of awakeness, but my brain is done. All I’m good for at this point is some TV, a shower, a chapter or two of Lord of the Rings, and hitting the sack. Blah.