I Made It Go!

Holy fucking shit. I learned myself enough PHP to make the Currently Hearing plugin work.


I’m still working on making the archives pages display it properly, as they’re in a different directory. Any ideas, web gurus?

Oh, and something else that’s entirely supercool: HostRocket allows PHP parsing for HTML file extensions. I just had to add a line into my mime-type list in my HostRocket control panel, and whoosh! My stupid archives.htm page is suddenly PHP-ified.

I’m going to go scour the HostRocket FAQ page now and see if I can find a solution to my little PHP nested directory issue.

I’m stoked!

Edit: Yeeeeeah! I just wrote my first Else statement in PHP! And it works! Check it: if you’re on the main index or on the main archive list, then you’re in the public_html directory, and the sidebar displays my Currently Hearing info. If you’re in another directory—say, reading an individual entry or posting a comment—you’re in a different directory that’s not public_html, and you see my driving tunes.

I am such a geek. But I’m OK with that. Next step: PHP-ifying (and possibly MySQL-ifying) the rest of my site so I don’t have to rebuild MT so often…