Blogging at Work?!

Here’s a revolution in technology: Not-Really-Realtime Blogging. This bleeding-edge technique allows for employees in a network-monitored work environment to write blog entries during the day, and post them with a backdated timestamp as soon as they return home to a blog-safe network.

It’s called e-mail. 😛

So, here I sit, at the reception desk, taking my required turn manning the desk. Sure, I still have my normal work to do (loan changes this week), but it gets awful boring out here with no music to listen to and no conversations to eavesdrop on. So, while no one is walking past the desk, I’m taking a few moments to blog to myself, for posting when I get home.

I decided to go on Induction this week, to jump-start myself back into losing weight. I haven’t gained any weight recently—in fact, I lost half a pound after Thanksgiving weekend. How I managed that, I’m not entirely sure, as I ate like… well, like normal, like everybody else. Sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and stuffing and pie and ice cream and cupcakes… I was so full. Ugh. I couldn’t eat like that all the time. Not anymore.

Anyway, I’m currently at an even 200 lbs, in case you’ve been jonesing for a weight-loss update. I think my lowest point was 199.5, and that was about three months ago. I’ve been steady at 200.5 ever since. I’ve been fairly content up until recently, since my new weight felt so much more normal than fifty pounds ago. Now, though, I’m feeling frumpy again, and realizing that I still have another 20 or 25 pounds to go before I’ll feel REALLY normal.

Well, people are starting to trickle out of the building, and I should really get some more work done before I go in another hour. This wasn’t too bad of an afternoon out at the reception desk, though… chatting with myself (and with James, who covered my break) really helped to pass the time.

Wouldn’t want to do it every day, though.