Crazy Day

Just for shits and giggles, I signed up on all those blogariffic sites out there:,, BlogStreet, Blogrolling,, and updated my Technorati profile. I also set MT to accept trackback pings and to ping a few of the sites I signed up on, to let them know I updated. So, to anyone who finds my humble site or feed through one of those sites, welcome. I’m not always terribly interesting… but neither are the other friends and strangers whose blogs I frequent myself, so I’m in good company.

I’m not particularly motivated to do anything this evening. Work really drained me today. The stress I felt today was reminiscent of my days back in Lockbox:

24 September 2002: Just Another Day…

Hey, for once I worked an 8-hour day! Yeah, we were doing so well that we actually took a one-hour lunch and everything. Just for reference, yesterday I worked a 14-hour day. Seriously. My co-worker and almost-supervisor, Loni, worked an hour and a half more than me, since she came in at 6am. Damn, that sucked. Makes the normal 8-hour day seem like a luxury instead of a burden.

Being one of three people manning the Loan Corrections Team Line (aka ‘working the phones’) wasn’t horrible, although I had twice as many calls as usual. And doing loan changes wasn’t all that bad, either, although I had several requests that I had to call people about and wait around for answers. But all those things together made for one damn hectic day. I felt like I was going in six different directions all day—I’d hang up the phone from one call, go to start a loan change, get another call, have to do research for that call, finally get back to that loan change I’d started, then get another call, then finally finish that first loan change, then have to call someone about a detail of the next loan change… Yeesh. My desk has at this moment about seven different stacks of paper of varying heights and degrees of importance.

That really sucked away any sort of energy, creative or otherwise, that I might have had in reserve for my Me Time this evening.

So… that’s today.

Remind me: why did I syndicate this again?

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