I’m Popular…?

Well, I just banned a dozen IP addresses in the same subnet (is that what it’s called? the first two numbers are the same) from commenting on my blog. I’m going to see if that puts a stop to the spamming that just started this weekend.

If it doesn’t, everybody be prepared to plug in your e-mail address next time you comment on a post. Don’t worry, MT encodes your e-mail so it can’t be harvested by spiders or bots or what-have-you. Goodness knows I can’t afford to have you guys stop commenting at all… my poor self-esteem couldn’t handle the strain. I’ll put a note in the comments area if I institute required fields.

So, yay for the fact that my blog has finally been targeted by a spam-bot. That means *someone* knows I’m out there, besides you diligent few. Boo for spam-bots.