I Take It All Back

OK. Yesterday I said, and I quote:

My vote is that the Toledo/Maumee area will get maybe four inches, and that the salt crews will be on the ball to clear the roads early.

I was wrong, on both counts.

Lucas County got eight inches of snow from last night through this afternoon, and the roads this morning sucked ass.

Part of me would like to give a detailed play-by-play of my morning, from leaving not-early-enough to unearthing the Kia to getting stuck at the end of the driveway to aiming the car through our unplowed neighborhood streets… but let’s just say that, once I arrived at work a full fifteen minutes late, all I could do was heave a big sigh, look at my co-worker who was subbing at the receptionist’s desk, and say, “Well… that sucked.”

Out of nineteen people in my department, ten of us were there almost on time, with two straggling in after they managed to shovel their cars out of their driveways. Rob Wozniak (formerly of RCC Special Projects Team fame) called in to inform us that he’d been pulled over in BG and threatened with a ticket or arrest if he didn’t go right back home and get off the roads. A few people had the day off anyway, like our supervisor, and several people from BG just didn’t or couldn’t brave the Level 2/3 snow emergency to make it up to work.

And I don’t blame them. Not one bit.

All in all, 41 Sky Bank Financial Centers in northwest, central, and southern Ohio were closed today. Surprisingly enough, the volume on the Loan Corrections Team Line was fairly average. Not a total slacker day, but not too stressful… discounting the drive to and from work, of course.