Four-Day Weekend

So, according to our boss, we can take our sick/personal days off as “mental health days” if we so choose.

Today, however, I called off for a “menstrual health day.”

OMG. I’ve never had to call off work because of cramps before. When I woke up at 7am this morning, I’d slept for maybe three or four hours, thanks to wracking fists of death in my girlie parts. I was exhausted and still in pain and ended up leaving a voicemail for my boss saying I wouldn’t be in today.

I then proceeded to sleep off and on until 1:00pm. Took some Midol, ate some lunch. I feel *much* better now.

So, I didn’t diabolically plan to have a four-day weekend… but I’ve got one now. w00t?

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  1. as i’m getting older, my cramps are getting worse too. every few months, they’re so bad i bring a heating pad to work.

    the only medicine i’ve found to relieve the pain is Alleve, which the FDA has just decided gives you heart disease. aparantly, though, so long as you dont take like 5 billion milligrams a day every day all month you’re fine. they say you can still take a dose for cramps.

    so i say go for it. down one or two Alleves when you have teh crampz0rs that badly.

    p.s. – i’m gonna throw my sewing machine in the car @ lunch. you should come and get it from my work today!