Hitting A Wall

I woke up this morning and just couldn’t bring myself to go to work. It’s not that I hate my job or anything, because I don’t. (Granted, I don’t particularly enjoy it, either.) But I was exhausted and felt like I’d hit some sort of wall.

So, I took a mental health day.

If anyone asks, though, it was a mental health / catching-up day. Which is true: I worked on my website redesign and helped Aaron with the broken washing machine. And caught up on sleep.

During Amy’s visit and our marathon Grounds For Thought session, we decided that I should look for some graphic design classes to take, and maybe get a certificate or an Associates Degree. That way, I’d feel better about my skills and I’d be more confident when applying for jobs. After looking at my choices, though, I can’t really justify paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to re-learn what I already know.

I found a web / graphic designer posting in Sunday’s Blade, so I sent my resume and portfolio to the e-mail address they gave. Today I got a reply: “This message is to confirm receipt of your email submission, dated 4/26/05.” This does not imbue me with confidence. Also, the scant research I did on the company confuses me, as their website appears to be currently nonexistent, with the domain name being registered by an individual in Seattle. o.O

Anyway, Aaron agreed that taking classes is a good idea, but that maybe I should go for something I *don’t* already know. Like Computer Science. If I knew .NET, or at least ASP and C++ and stuff like that, I’d be much more marketable. Truth be told, I do enjoy what programming I know, so it’s not like I’d be learning skills to get into a job I would hate. I don’t think.

So, yeah. Now that I have my sights set on the horizon yet again, going back to work at my lame bank job seems… lame. But whatcha gonna do? *shrug*

Update: Thread (formerly ImageSource) still has that job posting that I tried for a few months ago. I feel qualified, but at the same time, I feel like it’s just beyond my grasp. I want to cry. THIS is why I don’t get all in job-hunting mode very often.

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  1. 1. when a compy advertises a job like that they get hundreds of applicants. of those hundreds they chose to speak too 5-10 people for interviews. they’ll ask 2-5 of those people to come back for interviews. fromthat one person gets hired… alot of the time they hirng person already knew the person in the first place and because of affirmative action and equal opportunity laws they have to consider other applicants. Applying to advertised jobs should not be you primary means of job hunting. Networking(talking to anyone that will listen) and putting your resume out there to anyone that are willing to look are the most effective ways of finding jobs. You’ve got a nice site…and you’re good at it, so don’t give up. just don’t rely on advertised jobs they’ll only frustrate you.
    good luck!

  2. no, i didn’t. i applied for that same thread position back in… october? that long ago? anyway, they never got back to me.

    i’m thinking of resubmitting my resume with a confirmation that i am planning to attend a flash workshop in july. (oh, yeah – i still need to register for that.)