My Job: Then vs. Now

College. RCC. The ResNet Software Installer CD-ROM.

Me: I totally almost have this working! Just one more… aw, shit.
Jamie: Come on. Let’s take a break.
Me: Just a minute. I’ve almost got it.
Jamie: You’ve been working on that for five hours. Take a break. Now.
Me: *rubs eyes* OK…

[We walk downstairs from the Server Room in Kreischer Quad, and go outside to the smoking area]

Me: It’s dark out. When did that happen?
Jamie: *drags off a freshly-lit cigarette* Couple hours ago.


Fast forward seven years. Current job. Arrowhead Park, Maumee. Cube farm.

Me: It’s only 3:00?
Scott: Yup. Hour and a half to go.
Me: Two hours for me.
Scott: Yep. Hey, can you cover phones for me from 4:30 to 5:00?
Me: I suppose.

[We stare blankly out the window at the squirrels]


I remember being engrossed by my work. Sure, it was good-paying for a college gig, but it also taught me a lot, and I found it interesting.

Maybe that’s the difference between college and the workforce (I refuse to say “real life”). In college, you do what you want, mainly, but you still complain about it. In the workforce, you do what you have to, but you still complain about it.