I should not be so thoroughly annoyed by something so simple, but…

I keep a bottle of water at my desk at work. I buy Dasani out of the machine on Monday, then continue to refill the bottle with tap water throughout the week. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I’ll put the bottle in the freezer with two inches of water in the bottom, to make ice for myself. Sometimes, if I don’t want to take the time to swing past the break room, I’ll just leave the empty bottle on my desk instead.

Every single day this week, my water bottle and the napkin on which it sits have gone missing. Presumably, the cleaning people have been throwing it away. Yesterday, I got so annoyed that I wrote on the napkin, “This is not trash. Thanks.”

When I came in this morning, both bottle and napkin were gone. Again.

It’s a small annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but even so, it’s still annoying.

Today I got a styrofoam coffee cup and filled it with ice water. Hopefully I don’t spill the whole damn thing on my desk or anything.