Diet & Fitness Update, Week #4

This week’s report isn’t particularly good news. I started out the week on Saturday the 4th at 210. By yesterday, I was back up to 211.5 (and I gained back yet another pound during this weekend). I’m not going to make my goal of 209 by midweek, unless I do something drastic and unhealthy in the next two days.

I was still pretty gung-ho early in the week, and I did the Tae Bo Cardio workout on Monday. Tuesday, I did the Tae Bo Basic workout. The rest of the week I did absolutely bupkis. I made the mistake (apparently) of weighing myself daily this week, to track my progress toward my goal — and when I saw a complete lack thereof, I basically threw in the towel for this upcoming goal. Not what I should have done, I know, but man. I was just so freaking bummed.

Food this week was still good things, but my carb:protein:fat ratio went a little wonky a few times. As Sheryl predicted, I started getting tired of oatmeal — or maybe I’m just getting tired of the mushy-ass Quick Oats we got at a discount at Big Lots. This weekend, I ended up getting some sort of cranapple-granola cereal, so I’ll probably switch up breakfasts with that a little. We also got a new supply of real oats, so that’ll be a welcome change of pace, as well.

While we were at Claudia’s yesterday, replenishing my supply of Vegenaise and getting some breakfast cereal, we also bought some more peanut butter (because the MaraNatha brand we bought last time kind of sucks) and some more salad dressing. We got a refill of the Annie’s Naturals Artichoke Parmesan, and we got some other kind of citrusy-mangoey something-or-other. We’ll see what that’s all about later this week.

So, basically, this upcoming weight goal is a wash. I’ll still photograph myself and weigh myself and all that, but I’m really kind of bummed that I… well, I guess the root of my bumming nature is really that I do halfway OK during the week, but my weekends invariably end up being the one step back to my two steps forward.

I’m also apparently pretty easily defeated. Not that I’m totally giving up — not at all. I’m just, well… I thought that losing five pounds in five weeks would be no big thing. It’s kind of disheartening to see that it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be, and that I’m so easily thrown off by a lack of instant results.

I’ll get back on it this week. Exercise and lots more water. I’m just kind of depressed about it right this moment.

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  1. even better. i weighed in this morning at 215. i’m one pound over where i started this time around. yippee.

    square fucking one.

  2. Measure yourself, not weigh. Muscle weighs more than fat, and that could be throwing you off. A tape measure should offer better results.

  3. thanks, guys. i’ll measure myself tonight and see how i’m really doing. maybe i’ll feel better after that.

    but, man… i’ll have to start losing some actual poundage soon, or i’m going to end up looking like a linebacker. o.O

  4. true. i guess i’m just saying that there must be light at the end of my non-poundage-loss tunnel, since there’s no way in hell i can keep eating like this and working out like this and stay the same weight. i’ll lose eventually, once my muscles start burning off all that crap they’re supposed to be burning off for me.

  5. good news: yesterday was just a spike. today i’m back down to 212. so, i still won’t make my goal, but i’m not totally back to square one.

  6. exactly. plus, you even worked out that you were taking in too many calories, and you were taking in too many carbs later in the evening, so you just recently made that switch. it’ll take a while for that to kick in too, and for you to do it consistently 🙂