Diet & Fitness Update, Week #9: Two Months

It occurred to me today that I never posted my weigh-and-measure from last week. So, let me throw that up here before I go do my PUSH workout for today.

I decided to count Thursday’s weight and measurements as my Week #9, instead of Saturday, because Thursday the 16th marked exactly two months on my fitness regimen. And here are the results:

Weight: 209.5 »» down three lbs from starting weight
Bust: 45.5″ »» down ½” from starting measurement
Chest (under the b00bs): 38.5″ »» down 1″
Waist: 44.5″ »» down ½”
Hips: 49.5″ »» down ½”
Neck: 14.25″ »» down 3/4″
Upper Arm: 13.5″ »» unchanged
Lower Arm: 10.5″ »» unchanged
Thigh: 26.25″ »» down ¼”
Calf: 15.75″ »» down ¼”

I still think I need to get myself a body fat monitor, though. (Maybe I’ll get one for my birthday…) These numbers still don’t really reflect the changes I’m seeing. These changes are slight, but noticeable to me. For instance, the fat on my abdomen — my gut, as it were — seems to be shrinking. I have a small pouch of empty skin beginning to form. And I’m happy about this. I’m not seeing the results I’d like… but in order to get results, I need to push myself more, and buckle down, and not coast along or do things half-assed.

I received my first PUSH DVD last Monday, and discovered that I may have underestimated myself on my fitness level. I marked myself as a beginner, and thus ended up with a first (and second) workout that involves no resistance at all, not even the resistance bands I received with the disc. The workout is relatively easy, compared to the ways I’d been challenging myself previously, although the upper body workout is challenging for me. I can see where the workout is going, though, and I’m willing to stick with it.

I’m also supposed to do 100 minutes of cardio per week, and I definitely didn’t reach that goal last week. For that matter, I only did the workout itself two of the three times I was supposed to. I’m going to work on improving both of those numbers this week.

I’ve been eating healthy, trying to stay from evening carbs, going a little heavier on the carbs for lunch. It seems to be working to keep me from afternoon hunger, especially if I eat a little smidge of my afternoon snack right when I get back from my after-lunch walk. Fools my mouth into thinking it’s had a snackie, I guess. I’ve also been keeping myself well-watered — in fact, I’m feeling a little odd without a water glass by my side right this moment. I could use a drink.

*goes upstairs and swigs out of the cold-water jug in the fridge*

As for my mood… I oscillate between being excited to lose the weight and get fit, and being depressed that I haven’t seen better results. Holding steady is certainly better than a slow gain, that’s for sure, but still. When it comes down to the moment in the morning when I know I should get out of bed and make some eggie-weggies, and maybe someday jog my ass around the block, I make the wrong decision and turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. Or, when I come home from work, I sit at the computer just a little too long and let myself get hungry before I start my evening workout, and then it’s all over. No workout, and possibly a less-than-stellar super-quick dinner.

I feel sometimes like my health and fitness is in a precarious balance. If I let myself slip, either physically or mentally, it’ll throw everything out of whack. I mean, I know I can always jump right back on, but it’s still frustrating to always need to be on guard. I feel like I’m thinking more about food now that I’m just eating to live than I did when I was living to eat.

But enough of this. My chicken is going to be done baking before my workout is done, at this rate.

I’m really not overly depressed or anything… I’m just… disappointed in myself, I guess. I expected more.

(PS – I read my diary from when I was ten years old last night. For my birthday, I got a purple jumpsuit from my best friend. It was a size 14. It didn’t fit. …Did I mention I was ten years old? And couldn’t fit into a size 14? Yeesh.)

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  1. !!! holy crap! you look fantastic! you looked fantastic when we met up for j&g’s. i mean it. keep up the good work, even if you dont particularly think it’s good work. you’re not gorging on pizza every night, so that’s good work 😀 because honestly right now, i’d love to be gorging on pizza every night. mm.

    and. it IS a precarious balance. you just have to find it. the day came for me where the desire to lose the weight overcame the desire to be lazy. i had to say, I DONT CARE IF I DONT WANT TO DO I’M GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY. it’s all about asking yourself at that time what you really want. “i want to lay down and veg for 1.5 horus.” so then you say “can i veg for 1 hour after 30 minutes of cardio? sure.”

    it’s all about motivation, and tricking your brain. half of what you think you can’t do is mental anyway.

  2. for me, it’s not so much wanting to veg, but wanting to work on other projects. podcast. drumcorps website. genealogy. i have to tear myself away from the mental pursuits and remind myself that the physical pursuit is just as important, if not more so.

    yay for positive feedback from sheryls! 😀

  3. veg, podcast, whatever 😀 for years i’d say “i dont have time” and people would say “you have to make time” and after years of being pissed off at people for saying that, i realized they were right 😛

    changing your priorities? is HARD. it’s REALLY HARD. but not impossible. you’re doing fantastic already. i can tell you recognize this as a priority, otherwise you wouldnt even care that you missed it 😛

  4. Wow Diana
    a lot of that weight must be musle, becouse you look great. Makes me want to get back in the swing( and believe me I need to) I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT SIZE!!! the two dress sizes I lost is getting a little tighter than I would like. you inspiered me before so do it again.
    Love you much

  5. Former Roomie Mary Bindis · Fri 24 Mar 2006 at 10:08PM ·

    Looking good! My workout is 140- 175 minutes of cardio a week. I also do yoga and pilates, and lift weights 5 days a week. Pilates have really helped to shape my stomach. Don’t give up, there are times where you feel like you aren’t making progress, but you are actually gaining muscle. When it warms up, take walks with Aaron. When you get home, workout for about 20 minutes. The walk will give you the energy you need to workout.