Diet & Fitness Update, Week #17

This week was definitely an improvement, although I’m still not doing everything I need to do. Despite my continued slackitude, I’m back down to 207, which is only half a pound more than my sick-week weight. My Omron Body Fat Analyzer arrives today from Amazon, so I’ll do an official stats-gathering tomorrow: new weight, measurements, photos, and body fat analysis. *gulp*

According to some online guesstimators, I may be somewhere between 35% and 40% body fat. I’d like to get that down to 30% for a start. Granted, that’s not ideal, but it’s better than I was even in high school. (Yes, I did have my body fat measured with calipers when I was 17, and it came out to 33%, as I recall. Sarge and I did a week or two of morning jogging to get my body fat down to 30%, so I could join up with the Army Band. Thankfully, that didn’t work out, though, for other reasons. Mainly because I came to my senses.)

I did my PUSH workout on Monday, then did some gardening on Thursday. You might scoff at my using gardening as exercise, and it surely wasn’t aerobic, but I did do some shoveling and worked my arms and legs and glutes. I sure felt it for the next couple of days. As always, I also kept with my daily 30-45 minute lunchtime walks, and kicked up the intensity there.

Food was pretty consistent: Breakfast was either a whole-grain English muffin with natural crunchy peanut butter or ¾ cup oatmeal with Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. Morning snackie was either low-sugar yogurt or an apple or strawberries. Lunch was brown rice or reduced-carb pasta or lettuce salad. Afternoon snackie was selected from the same foods as the morning snackie, mainly for convenience’s sake, and dinner was usually a meat and a carb β€” chicken breast and frozen broccoli, or chicken salad on a wheat tortilla, or unbreaded chicken fingers with reduced-carb pasta.

I would also like to mention that I didn’t go hog-wild this weekend after my weigh-in. Saturday I had some ground sirloin with salad and vegetable beef soup and veggies for lunch, then had the Orange Chicken Bowl at Applebee’s for dinner. Not entirely good, but not nearly as bad as I could have been. Sunday, though, we did go to the Dragon Buffet, just because it was Mother’s Day and they had LOBSTER on the buffet. I didn’t stuff myself too bad, though, really. Dinner on Sunday was curry chicken (with a curry cream sauce, evil me) and frozen broccoli, with a homemade chocolate cream cheese souffle for dessert.

The discovery of the week was this: Although I feel like I crave carbs in the evening (and OMG have I been craving carbs), if I make sure to include a good portion of protein in my evening meal, I tend to stave off the hunger and cravings better. So, if I can just chill out and make myself some chicken, or even turkey burgers, instead of whipping up something fast and meatless, I’m less likely to make myself cinnamon tortilla snackies at 8pm.

My goal this week is to eat more protein, and to do my PUSH workout three times. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Yes, I need to get my podcast done, because it’s horribly overdue (as usual), but taking care of me is more important.

Update, 6:30pm: My Omron Body Fat Analyzer arrived this evening, and a preliminary pre-dinner reading shows me at just over 35% body fat. This is no surprise, and is actually better than some online guesstimators had been telling me. We’ll get a “real” reading tomorrow morning.

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  1. Scale said I’m back up to 209. I think it’s full of crap and needs a new battery. However, the analyzer said I’m 34.2% body fat, even with the higher weight. Higher BMI, but lower percentage. I can deal with that.

    Photos and measurements forthcoming this evening…

  2. my electrode-shocking bodyfat measuring scale also thinks my boydfat goes down when my weight goes up and vv – some days i’m 136 with 30% bodyfat, the next day i’m 134 with 32% bodyfat πŸ˜€ the handheld ones might be more accurate. personally, i’m just watching the weight number to see if i get around 131 in 6 weeks, and hopefully will have gained 4lbs of muscle like the nice bodpod lady told me to. πŸ˜€

    ieee i cant wait for pics and stuff. i should send you my pics from before (january) and take some 3-weeks-in pics of this cycle..

  3. oh, also:
    Although I feel like I crave carbs in the evening (and OMG have I been craving carbs), if I make sure to include a good portion of protein in my evening meal, I tend to stave off the hunger and cravings better.

    …my secret to this is: strawberries.

    a serving of strawberries is 3.5 oz and they have 7.5 carbs per serving. i weight out that many (it’s usually about 4 large ones) and slice them up real thin, and pour a bit of silk on it (silk has 4 carbs per cup, so a quarter cup has 1 carb – you can forget the silk if you like tho πŸ™‚ and sprinkle some stevia on it (you could use splenda). i swear strawberries keep me sane. john uses mangos which have a much higher carb content (17g per 3.5oz) but he gets more carbs in general than i do. πŸ™‚

  4. I did a little gardening myself this weekend and would definitely consider it a form of exercise!

    Also- just received my first PUSH Dvd and I’m really looking forward to trying it out– Cool packaging and I appreciate how quickly it arrived in the mail! Three times a week seems like a reasonable goal. Is that how you started out as well?