Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 8/12/06

It’s true, what Erin told me: anime conventions are not conducive to dieting. Even so, in the past two weeks (I didn’t weigh last weekend, due to Otakon), I managed to keep my weight gain to only one pound. I weigh 207.5 lbs as of yesterday morning.

I didn’t walk every day during my vacation. I didn’t use the fitness center at the Marriott. I haven’t done my PUSH workout for the past two weeks. I did, however, walk a shitload at Otakon. I wish my pedometer hadn’t busted its beltclip the day before, and that the battery on Aaron’s pedometer hadn’t been dead, so I could have counted my steps while I was there.

So, considering that I’ve been eating out much more than usual and exercising much less than usual over the past two weeks, I’m… well, I’m never *pleased* about gaining weight, but I’m glad it wasn’t any more than a pound.

I got out of the habit of making myself a weekly menu, after only two weeks of menu-ing. I’m not making myself one for this week, either, but I’m planning the return of the Palm IIIc and DietOrganizer. I need to do a reality check and make sure my “normal” diet isn’t going crazy with too many calories. I haven’t been tracking anything, carbs or calories, and have instead just been watching portion sizes and eating frequently and yadda yadda yadda.

This week is also going to see the return of cardio. I know, you’re scoffing at me. Or shaking your head. Or rolling your eyes. But give me a chance here. I’m planning to go out and jog for just ONE day this week. Just to remind myself that it won’t kill me. And because it’s fucking nice outside.

This week is just basically the get-back-on-the-wagon week. I’m pretty pleased with the way I looked in Erin’s Otakon photos, surprisingly enough, but I’ve been *feeling* jiggly and unfit. Nasty upper arm jiggle, nasty thigh fat, nasty spare tire, just nasty in general. I know it has a lot to do with my level of activity, and I’m going to fix that this week. That’s the goal, anyway.

*deep breath*

I’m tired of being all talk and no action. WTF. This is seriously annoying. I am GOING to do this, and I am NOT going to lose heart halfway through the week and get distracted and opt not to exercise in favor of websurfing or designing or podcasting or whatever. My health comes FIRST, goddammit. I owe it to myself.