Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 9/16/06

Official week-ending weigh-in: 202.5

Notable changes in measurements in the past two months:
Bust: down 1.25″
Chest (below bust): down 1.5″
Upper Arm: down 1.25″

I also took in-progress photos today, and was pleasantly surprized at the belly shrinkage since July. My calves also seem to be more defined, and my collarbones might be even a little more pronounced than before. Or maybe that was just the light. I also think my upper back is looking less fatty, although that could be a function of not having a ponytail to hide the definition, too. At any rate, I’m experiencing visible progress, even if the numbers don’t show much.

This week was a slackeriffic exercise week, to a point. On Thursday, I think it was, I did a few sets of deep squats while I was waiting for my dinner to cook in the microwave. Just those two or three sets of ten deep squats worked my leg muscles like nobody’s business. Good stuff. Then, today, I went on a jog in the park with Aaron, and I got a lot farther than usual before I had to slow to a walk. Maybe it was just female machismo on my part, or maybe I actually am getting in better shape, but I’m satisfied with the progress either way.

Because I’m so behind on my PUSH DVDs, I’ve suspended my account for two months to give me a chance to catch up. I have quite the backlog. So, my goal this week is to do my PUSH workout three times, so that I can feel comfortable graduating up to the next disc for next week. I tried Disc 4 once, after a recent hiatus from working out, and it kicked my ass *bad*. I’m thinking that, if I get myself up to speed with the previous workout, the next disc shouldn’t be so daunting.

I’m also going to make a concerted effort to increase my protein intake. I’ve been good with keeping the carbs down to below 40% of my daily caloric intake. Unfortunately, my fat intake has probably been a little higher than it really should. I’m going to focus on increasing protein, though, rather than decreasing fat, in hopes of taking a more positive approach. If I add the right protein-rich foods, then, in theory, those should bump out the fat I’d normally be eating. I just need to make a conscious effort to go easy on the Vegenaise and the less lean meats, and this should work.

In other health news… I should really get myself to various medical professionals. Doctor. Gynecologist. Dentist. It’s been over five years since I’ve seen any of those, and I should probably do that before… well, soon, anyway.

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  1. Yeah… *looks sheepish* Last time I went was for a specific issue I was having, and after the issue was resolved, I didn’t keep going back.

    I’m not a big fan of doctors, being that all they ever had to tell me was how I needed to lose weight, and they never listened to the problems I was having, and yadda yadda yadda… but, if I’m really planning to get pregnant sometime soon, I’m going to have to get over it and just go. No matter how silly I feel when I call a doctor’s office and ask if they’re accepting new patients. I don’t know why. I just do.

  2. ummm…YEAH! Why would you deny yourself healthcare when you have insurance? It’s better to go and waste either your time or the doctor’s, than to NOT go and later find out you had something seriously wrong. If something hurts, or is out of whack for more than a month–I call. And I can tell you that with what I went through with my ex when she was pregnant–you’d better get past that “doctor” thing.
    You’ve lost the weight so I don’t think you have to worry about that. And if you need a doctor–whether it be the big “G” or a MD, ask around the office–EVEN if you feel silly.

  3. See if Dr. Coral Matus is still practicing anywhere. she is the nicest doctor in the whole world, can do your paps, and she listens to EVERYTHING you have to say. i reccomend going to a woman if you dont go to her. some have been cold to me, but they’re usually more inclined to listen to your problems, on both a physical and emotional level. Dr. Matus is especially good at it 🙂

  4. According to the Toledo Hospital family medicine dept:

    “Dr. Matus is a part time faculty while serving as a full time mother of twin daughters and a son. She coordinates the Obstetrics rotation.”

    So, maybe, but maybe not. I’ll look into it, though. Thanks!

  5. yeah, she’s hard to get in with, but she’s worth the wait. they’ll probably schedule you like a few months out. if you want to go now, find another doctor. but i love her to death 😛