Day One of Not-NaNo

I am officially NOT participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I am, however, budgeting at least one hour per day (preferably two) during the month of November to work on last year’s NaNo.

Tonight, I successfully rearranged my story bible wiki into a more navigable tree; I fleshed out my female lead’s background and personality; and I rewrote an argument between my male and female leads that had been bothering me and was a big part of why I’d stopped writing on this story. I’d painted myself into a corner, and I’ve successfully unpainted myself with this rewrite. Making the male lead do what he wanted to do, instead of walking off silently and meekly without even a “fuck you,” really added some dimension to their relationship and to their personalities.

I also did some more succubus/incubus research online. There are several resources on the internet that start with, “the only way to kill a succubus is” — and they all end with something different. Burning her. Starving her of sex. Trapping her in her own reflection. And so forth. With all these ideas, though, I’m finally coming up with a halfway decent idea of how my Guild of immortals probably hunts down and destroys incubi and succubi.

I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow evening, but I’m sure I’ll make some more headway of some sort.