Blogging of a Personal Nature

I read an article recently on that assured me that I am not, in fact, the last personal (i.e. non-topical) blogger out there. In reading some of the blogs he referenced, I realized that I haven’t been keeping up with regular, “real” updates. Sure, every month I post a Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post, and I’ve been getting behind on my Cookbook of the Month posts, and I’ve completely stopped posting monthly weight updates (because what’s the use), and I have several somewhat time-sensitive posts in the queue — mostly about the vacation we took last month. But the old-school life update post has become kind of a rarity lately — which is a shame, since so many minor happenings will slip past undocumented if I’m not careful. I don’t really journal longhand unless I’m trying to work through something I can’t really post online, so if it’s not here, it’s probably not anywhere to be found. Except in my brain, and that’s kind of iffy the older I get.

So, here’s one topic I’ve been meaning to bring up again: depression.

Specifically, treatment via medication.


2017 Resolutions: Q1 Review

In the I’ve Got This column: posting daily to my blog (only missed once), posting weekly photos to said blog, trying new recipes, and going easy on the clothes shopping.

In the Needs Work column: sticking to a budget, and shopping Amazon with mostly reward points.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who really cares about the deets on these, but if you’re interested, read on.  (more…)

Just Right

Just light enough
For me to still pick him up
And carry him up the stairs
On my hip

Just tall enough
That his head
Lays on my shoulder
Just so

Just young enough
To still want to cuddle
With his mommy
Before bed

I want to bottle these moments
Freeze them in time
Put them in an album
So I can relive these perfect hugs
When his lanky limbs have grown
Beyond carrying

Keepin’ It Goin’

When I resolved to post something to the blog every day, I didn’t realize how narcissistic and self-serving it would seem some days. Post a thing for everyone to see, every day, whether it’s interesting or not. Whether I’m feeling it or not.

I have a blog post all queued up and ready to go… but I don’t feel like it’s what I want to post today. I’m tired and I just succumbed to an after-dinner uber-snack that made me uncomfortably full, so I’m not into posting an entry called, “Why DO I want to lose weight?”

I’m guessing this is how it is for real writers, too — sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. You just keep on keepin’ on, and eventually something good happens.

If you’re still reading… thanks. And here’s a pic of my kid writing out valentines after dinner to pep up a dull blog entry:

2017 Resolutions Check-In

Some of my resolutions and goals I did publicize on the blog, while others were ones I listed in my bullet journal. They’re all totally doable — none of these are unreasonable, and not all of them are ones I need to think about every day.

  • Post daily to blog
  • Cook 50 new-to-me recipes
  • Offload two items of clothing for each one I purchase
  • Create a budget and stick to it
    • Shop Amazon mostly using gift cards earned through my credit card
    • Only shop ThredUp with trade-in credits
    • If it can be mended, don’t buy a new one
  • Return of Photo Thursday – post a photo to the blog weekly

So, how am I doing? In the style of Wil Wheaton’s Life Reboot, I’ll give myself letter grades for each point.  (more…)

Resolution 2017

I think this resolution is completely reasonable, and fits in with my priorities:

Post at least one thing to my blog daily.

It doesn’t have to be a fully fleshed-out essay — it can be a snapshot or a quick one-off entry typed one-fingered on my iPhone before bed (like this one).

Keep ideas flowing. Keep my blog relevant to what I’m doing and thinking about today, instead of having a backlog of topics going back literally years, including topics that are no longer relevant to my life or even fresh in my mind anymore.

At least one post daily, no matter how short. I can definitely do that. We’ll see if it makes my blog more interesting… or just more noisy.