Out of the Woodwork

A “normal” freelance web designer wouldn’t exactly call three gigs “a lot,” but it’s a lot for me. None are totally off the ground yet, but all are promising, even if not from a monetary standpoint.

Number one is the fellow podcaster who’s having me do time-consuming but relatively menial work for a good wage. He’s been snowed under by work lately (not literally like we have in Ohio, though), and hasn’t been able to reschedule my “training session.” I bugged him this evening via Google Chat, and we’re going to try to make it work for tomorrow or Monday evening. We’ll see how that works out.

Number two is the Frontpage website, referred by my corps buddy. I did some research on his nonworking .asf files, and it looks like he was using deprecated tags that the new IE7 no longer supports. Tonight, I e-mailed him some alternate code and a very reasonable quote (IMHO) for a new website, including three design comps and free minor tweaks after the design process is complete.

Number three is a new prospect. A new/reforming senior corps is researching other corps’ websites, and I basically got a fan letter regarding how the LSM site was designed. The representative of the new corps likes the lack of pop-up and pop-under advertising, the clean look, and the design concept in general. I e-mailed him this evening and gave him the name of our forum software and its server requirements, a run-down of the features of the LSM website, and an offer to assist him with his website research and the design of their new site, no charge. (I can’t bring myself to charge a non-profit. I know corps have severely limited budgets, and they’re gonna need to spend money on webhosting already.)

Add these to my drive and determination to get my portfolio done, and I’m one bad mutha.


Don’t laugh. That’s not nice. I’m trying to boost my self-esteem here.

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