Things Are About To Get Interesting

Had a call with my freelance client during my day off today. Discussed time frames, design ideas, web presence goals, and so forth. Realized after the fact that better pre-phone-call notes are in order for my next client, as well as actual signed paperwork, rather than just a verbal agreement. Might have been a little optimistic on my timeframe for ultimate delivery. Let’s just say that the next five to seven weeks are going to be devoted to this project as much as possible.

Enter the higher-paying freelance gig. I’m apparently getting training in the structure of their interface tomorrow evening, via the magic of the internet and conference calling. That very likely means that the dude has a project ready and waiting for me to tackle. These projects are estimated to take 16 hours to complete, which will basically be one week of evenings.

Add to that about one evening a week of juggling eBay postings, and I’m going to be one busy bee right shortly.

At least I gave the other freelance client an “assuming life doesn’t drop stuff on my head” clause.

Must not bow to the temptation to shirk exercise in favor of working on web stuff. Need to continue taking care of myself, despite all else.

P.S. – Did I mention that we’ve lost another team member at work, and will be losing another this Friday? Makes the workplace a lot more jumpin’, too.