Diet & Fitness Update: Weekends Are A Bitch

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to start being more diligent about my weekends. It’s really not that hard: take a scrap of paper and a pen along and write down everything I eat.

Saturday wasn’t all that bad. Lunch was Panera, and dinner was Applebee’s. Panera has their nutritional info online; Applebee’s was more of a guesstimate. I ended up at the low end of my recommended calorie range (by SparkPeople standards, between 1510 and 1860). Didn’t exercise, only drank six glasses of water. Still not horrible for a weekend.

Sunday was another story, and it was screwed by one poor decision: lunch at Red Lobster. See, Aaron had this idea that I could pay for lunch, since I had cash in my wallet leftover from an ATM run before a con back in January.* (I rarely use cash anymore.) So, since I was paying, I decided we were going all out.

I honestly didn’t make a very concerted effort to be good; I was kind of curious what kind of calories and carbs I’d end up eating if I just ate a nice lunch at Red Lobster. So, I did. And I ended up eating as many calories as I should have eaten in one whole day, from what I can tell. I tracked what I could; the piña colada dipping sauce was nearly impossible to track for nutritional info, as Red Lobster doesn’t publish theirs, either.

Dinner, while low-carb, was NOT low-cal. My half-pound Schnuth-made burger had more calories than the fried shrimp I had for lunch, and helped me rack up about 2700 calories today. Again, no exercise, but I did at least drink my eight glasses of water.

The lesson here, for me, is: 1.) always track my food on the weekends, because it makes me more aware of what I’m shoveling in; 2.) eat simple: just say no to the heavy sauces and appetizers; and 3.) look at the big picture. One day does not a failure make. I’ll get back to my normal, healthy groove tomorrow, and soon I’ll learn how to avoid losing my groove on the weekends.

Learning experience. Identifying issues. Planning solutions. I’ll see 165 lbs eventually, and it’ll be effin’ sweet. Hell, seeing 190 before our Japan vacation will be pretty effin’ sweet, for that matter.

*Turns out that I did not, in fact, have the fifty dollars cash on hand like I thought I did. I ended up paying with my debit card and leaving a hefty cash tip, instead. Still have a little cash in the wallet, which is good for emergencies, I suppose.

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  1. In Weigh Watchers the motto “if you bite it, write it” is one to live by. I have not been very up on doing that for the last week. So I have to get back on track.

  2. yeah, we fell off the wagon in our excitement yesterday and ate our favorite meal evar: red robin. i’m afraid to look up the calories. (actually they’re not online. but it cant be good).

    :flail: it’ll get easier! you did awesome saturday. it’s okay to have a day of craziness.