Plateau? Smashie, Smashie!

Heck, yeah! Eat that, you damn one-month plateau! Ungh! *bitchslap*

*ahem* Sorry.

This week, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been watching my carbohydrate intake more diligently. I’ve been shooting for 125g of carbs and at least 25g of fiber, for a total of 100g of net carbs (since fiber isn’t digestible, y’know). I’ve been going a little over, but it’s apparently the intent that counts. I’ve continued to track my food on SparkPeople, but I’ve been manually tabulating my sugar, as SparkPeople has issue with letting people see how much sugar they’ve eaten. Can’t have people avoiding fruit, after all, since fruit has sugar in it.

At any rate, I’ve kept my protein above 140g daily, my total carbohydrates below 160g, and my fiber above 23g (except yesterday, which only made it to 18g). My sugar intake has been pretty decent, too, staying in the 20g-30g range. Now, most hard-core low-carbers would scoff at these numbers, since Atkins Induction limits you to 20g of carbohydrate per day total, and NO sugar, period. All my sugars have been… let’s see… OK, one day I had some low-cal ice cream that had 16g of sugar, but the rest is mostly my organic breakfast cereal, South Beach Diet snack bars, Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, stuff like that. I feel pretty positive about my food intake, considering this week’s results.

Remember how I said I’d try this for a couple weeks, and see if I lost three pounds in two weeks?

I just lost four and a half pounds in one week.

I weigh 197.5 lbs this morning, in contrast to the 202 I weighed this past Sunday.

Tomorrow’s Easter in Westlake, with Aaron’s family, so I expect I won’t be monitoring my carbs quite as well as I have been. I’ll still make a concerted effort to be good, stock up on the meat, go easy on the starchy goodness, and only eat one small dessert. (Believe me, at Uncle Pete’s, dessert is a course unto itself. We’re responsible for bringing a cake, and I know Pete’s wife Dee will likely be making something scrumptious, too.) I may gain back a little weight, stabilize at a slightly higher number — and I’m OK with that.

I have no intention of getting back up to 200, though.