One Week Till Relaunch?

Stayed up a little too late last night after getting home from Easter festivities in Cleveland. Woke up this morning, way late and bleary-eyed, and decided to use one of my personal days. After all, I need to get my freelance project done this week, and there are a few important parts that aren’t done yet. So, I stayed home, slept in a little, and worked for about four hours total on that.

I’m realizing that creating my own content management system (CMS) from a flat-file database is a little more challenging than I’d thought it would be. I thought it would be ridiculously simple, but it’s really not. I’d really rather use SQL, but enabling SQL on my client’s webhosting would cost them extra from their webhost. I’m highly tempted to just tell my client to edit the file themselves as needed, and upload it via FTP… but I know I should really afford them a way to edit their news and such in the browser itself.

I spent long enough figuring out how to check a username and password against a flat-file db, and remembering how to get PHP to remember that the user has logged in, via session variables. I finally had some ideas about how to edit and delete records after being flummoxed for quite some time… but I got sidetracked by Japan trip stuff, and never got back to coding, and now my brain’s winding down enough that I’m not going to attempt it now. Maybe tomorrow after work. I’m thinking about feeding the db into an array to display it, then editing the array and spitting the whole array back out into a new file, overwriting the old. Should work, right…?

Back to work tomorrow. Meh. I’m looking forward to finishing this freelance job so I can a.) invoice the client, and b.) finish up my resume and portfolio redux in preparation for the pre-Japan job-hunting blitz.

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