A Thought About The Internet Today

Never before have I been able to prepare for an interview by studying my potential employer’s MySpace page. I’m going to be interviewed by people who were graduating high school two years AFTER I graduated college. Yes, these guys were learning to drive while I was getting my bachelor’s degree. And they’re hearty beerpong enthusiasts.


I’d never even HEARD of beerpong before I started looking at this company. No, I’m not much of a partier; thanks for pointing that out. My cubemate James explained it all to me, though, so I don’t need a primer on beerpong.

Beerpong aside, I’m keeping an open mind about this company. They do good work. They’re living the dream. Effin’ A. If I can join in, get in at the ground floor, be part of something big (and help them with their typography)… I’m all for it. If they’re cool, I’m cool. I’m still young and hip, right…?


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  1. You d*mn skippy. You are young and hip. Some of ofth youngest, hippest people I’ve met are 5-10 years older than I.
    I don’t know how that works, but it does.

    If you don’t mind, send me a link to this company’s myspace. I’m teh curious! Go Di!