2008 Weight Loss Challenge

Starting weight: 212.5 lbs. That’s up fourteen pounds since August. My goal weight for this challenge is 202, at which point I will have lost 5% of my body weight. It’s a start.

I got James’s starting weight and calculated his goal weight; I’m not sure if he wants that posted here or not, so I’ll let him add it in the comments if he wants.

I had a good first full day of paying special attention to what I eat and how active I am. (I don’t want to call it a diet, per se — that has such negative connotations. Let’s just call it the Challenge.)

I look forward to getting back down to the weight I was, so I can start over and lose the weight I wanted to lose in the first place.

In other fitness news, tonight’s aikido gave me sore toes, skinned knees, and new mat burns. I plan to go more often this month, though, since I test for rank in only four weeks. I’ll be either adding to the collection of aikido-related almost-injuries, or figuring out how to avoid them. We’ll see…

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  1. We’ve gained a similar amount of weight since August. I start back next Monday with diet. Gotta make it work, my fat butt is starting to not fit into thin clothes!

  2. I’m doing this weight-loss challenge at work and a program called Healthy Toledo through a local church. I’m pretty pumped about both. LET’S DO IT!!!

    I want to wear a bikini top to the Toledo drum corps show this summer.
    Wait a sec…. Eww.

    DO IT!!!!1