Business Trip #1

There may be few or no updates for the remainder of the week, as I will be in Columbus (Dublin) for MicroStrategy training. I’m sure the Hampton has a business center where I can check my e-mail and whatnot, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to spend on e-mail and keeping up with my RSS feeds, much less actually blogging.

Even though I’ll be missing out on a grand total of 45 minutes (that’s three days’ worth) of Aaron time, I’ll be hanging out with some old friends in the evenings, which is awesome. I know there are some people in the area that I’m not getting to meet up with, and I do apologize for that. Maybe next time… (And there probably WILL be a next time, with all the training I could potentially sign up for.)

I’m looking forward to learning more about the Business Intelligence software I’ve been using at work; I’m also looking forward to seeing old friends, and having a change of scenery. I’m not looking forward to being away from my Honey-Muffin on the Hallmark Holiday Valentine’s Day, or really being away from him at all; and I’m not sure about making the 2½ hour drive to Columbus alone for the first time.

I’m a big girl. I can go on a big bad business trip by myself.


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  1. the drive is fairly sleepy, and Dublin is a nice area 🙂 you’ve driven up here to see me, and that means fighting detroit-ish traffic – you can handle columbus no problem! 😀

  2. FYI, all: I got here in one piece, even though it took me over three hours. Granted, 30 minutes of that was sitting in traffic not ten miles from my house, but still.

    Time to go back up to the GIANT AND SPACIOUS hotel room (which you won’t get to see b/c I forgot to load up the camera with an SD card).