Sapping My Will To Blog

I think that being able to Twitter quick updates all day long is diverting my blog creativity. Well, maybe not my creativity so much as my desire. I mean, I still have plenty of topics to blog about. I have a list. But twittering quickies about how I feel or what I think about during the day is seeming to take the place of blogging. Which isn’t what I’d intended at all.

So, for those who subscribe to the RSS and don’t read my sidebar (wherein lies my twitter feed), here’s what I twittered today (in reverse order, of course):

  • 19 days until Hawaii. 26 minutes ago
  • Longest Friday EVAR. Because I had nothing to do and had to look busy at my desk. And it was beautiful outside. Now I am home. about 3 hours ago
  • appears to be mainly unb0rked now. we’ll see when i go to scrobble today’s listenings… about 6 hours ago
  • iPod just shuffled from the Beasties to Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart). WTF? about 6 hours ago
  • o noes! @wilw sez that asploded. well, their datacenter lost power, anyway. ungood – i’m addicted to tracking my listening habits. about 8 hours ago
  • New live-action Speed Racer by the Wachowski bros looks sweet: about 9 hours ago
  • Still can’t concentrate on work. Doesn’t help that I’m waiting on someone else before I can actually do what I need to do. about 10 hours ago
  • Can’t concentrate on work. Want to be outside! Argh! about 12 hours ago
  • Just found out how to set Windows Movie Maker to widescreen mode. AFTER I already captured and uploaded the video wrong. Fix it after work. about 12 hours ago

See the fun crap I post all day? My tweets seem to be par for the course: mainly self-centered updates about the status of me, occasional interesting linkage, and random observations about life in general. Kind of like my blog, but shorter.

My 8th-grade English teacher, Mr. Jay Falls, signed my yearbook (or was it a comment on an essay of mine?) that, like a world-class athlete, a writer like me should practice every day. So, in honor of Mr. Falls and his wisdom, I’m going to make a concerted effort to write a blog entry every day, from now until I go to Hawaii (on May 7).

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop twittering, though…

Edited to Add: Just for kicks, I Googled Mr. Falls to see if I could find out what he’s doing now. I think I found him… so I wrote him a “thanks for being a good teacher” e-mail. Am I a goober? I think I might be…