Infinite Loop

This upgrade to MT 4.1 has been an interesting journey.

Last night, when I enabled MT-Twitter, I didn’t put in the correct “regular expression” to keep it from ignoring tweets that started with “New Blog Post.” Hence, when I got to work this morning and looked at my blog, I had hourly Status Updates about my New Blog Post about my Status Update…

So, i deleted all the unnecessary duplicate posts from work, but restrained myself from using Twitter until I could get home and make sure everything would work OK, with no infinite loops.

I think I’m addicted to Twitter.

To keep myself sane, I wrote all the tweets I would have liked to have posted in an email to myself, so I could post them here:

Enjoying hearing some long-lost prog rock on my iPod. I forgot how much I like(d) Dream Theater. 10:41am
Finally have enough tasks at work that I’m using the Outlook Tasks feature. Nice. 11:17am
Should be hungry. Focusing more on other kinds of cramps at the moment. 1:00pm
Yay! I know enough about my job now to know when a piece of data was left out. 2:53pm
I need a nap. 3:58pm
Damn, you, @wilw! You got me… 4:14pm

Anyway, I think my site upgrade is at a good stopping point… for now. Next up: migrating to a new server.

*girds loins in preparation*