Feeling Fitter

I mentioned earlier that I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been in probably ten years. What’s interesting is that I’m actually starting to feel it.

This week, I started actively working out in the evenings again. On Monday, I dug out one of my old PUSH DVDs from two years ago and did a 40-minute full-body strength-training workout. Yesterday, I did a grow-your-own sort of lower body and ab workout (focusing on the muscles that weren’t already sore). Today was Zen, so no workout, although the deep breathing involved in a half hour of zazen really garners some of the same effects, I think.

I’m not sure if it’s my body glomming onto the exercise it’s been craving or what, but I feel taller and thinner this week. Plus, swear to Jebus, I reached up to scratch my upper arm today, and actually felt the definition between my triceps and my deltoids. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that on me before.

Also: I recorded a video clip of myself yesterday (that’s a different post entirely), and noticed that my face and neck are getting noticeably thinner. I even filmed from what would normally be a horribly unflattering angle for me — basically, up my nose — and the double-chin only flashed into existence once or twice, and only because I was looking for it. For the most part, my face looks more square than round now, and my neck has definition instead of flab. Not much jiggle happening, despite the fact that I was playing “drums.” (More on that later, I promise.)

So. This Weight Watchers thing seems to be coming up roses so far. I’m losing an average of about… *crunches some numbers* …just over a pound a week since the middle of May. Assuming I keep at the same pace, that would put me at my 10% goal by the first day of Autumn. Maybe we’ll see if I can’t step things up a little, and speed up the pace to two pounds a week.

First on the horizon, though: making it successfully through Thursday evening and Friday in Cleveland, at funeral services for Grammie, where there will almost certainly be some sort of comfort food to be had at some point, and not much opportunity for a nice long walk around Lakewood with Aaron. Real life doesn’t re-route itself just because we’re on a diet, though… and Grammie did Weight Watchers herself in the ’70s, and frequently sang its praises, so she’d want us to stay on program. And we will.