Website Still Broken

For the sake of my RSS / LJ subscribers, I’m going to leave my website broken for now. Individual entries are broken, categories are broken, and basically the only things that work right are the main page and the RSS feed. (Well, except those extra 15 duplicate entries that came down the pike tonight.)

So, until the nice gentleman from the MT forums comes through with another idea for me, or until I come across the answer elsewhere on teh intarwebs, I’ll just leave it like this. Anyone who would really want to comment on anything can either e-mail me or hit me on Twitter. Or Facebook. Or MySpace. I’m not hard to reach.

Come to think of it, maybe you should hit me up on one of those places even if you weren’t going to comment. The beauty of social networking isn’t so much that you make fake friends, or that you pretend to be closer to the friends and acquaintances you have, but that it’s that much easier to get in contact with people. Think about that.