Website Unb0rked

Hey! How about that? A simple suggestion (go back to static publishing instead of trying dynamic) proved to be the answer. I really should have thought of it myself, but I was so intent on making it work the one way I wanted.

So, you can now access my blog at or — they both point to the exact same place. Comments work again, feeds should no longer do funky things, and all is well.

I can now go back to posting normal blog entries and waiting with bated breath for my regulars to post comments. Oh, yes, and I can also go back to finishing my website redesign.

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  1. So, I went to look at your site redesign, and it took a couple seconds for the ENTIRE header to load. In the mean time I was trying to figure out why there was a picture of me, front and center on the header of your blog. Eventually the rest of it loaded and I figured out your (very cool) idea.

  2. Thanks! Looks like everybody will get a sneak-peek at my new design, since my Individual Entry pages inadvertently got overwritten. That’s OK… it shouldn’t be too long until the whole thing’s implemented, anywho.

    (Maybe I’ll have to work on getting that header to load faster, though…) 🙂