Change of Scenery

This past Thursday was our contractor’s last day at work. She’d been using a cubicle recently vacated by a former member of our team, so my boss asked me if I wanted to move into that cube when the contractor left. I agreed; it would be closer to the rest of the team, and closer to the window.

I was surprised to find the cubicle much less vacant than I had expected. A clip-on fan, a full pen caddy, a stapler, and multiple stacks of paper and legal pads and other randomness awaited me. The cube was also incredibly dusty and dirty, with tape-marks on the metal cabinets and various rings and dirt marks on other surfaces. Seemed a little unfair that I cleaned out my old cube as best I could, just to move into a new cube that needed cleaning, as well.

This new cube is right next to my supervisor’s, and is directly across from another co-worker’s, with a much wider door opening than I’d had before. Much more open and accessible, but also much less private overall, despite the fact that my old cube was near a heavy traffic pattern.

I think I’ll enjoy my new digs, though. I just need to bring in the Goo-Gone and make the place smell like oranges while I’m making it not look quite so dingy.