Return of the Weekly Weight Loss Update

Funny that I’m sitting on a bench, blogging about weight loss, when I really should be out getting in my walk for the day. Anyway.

I was searching my blog for a link to the Three Amigos Chili recipe that Sheryl shared with me a good while ago, when I discovered to my chagrin that I was blogging about the same weight loss issues over a year ago that still plague me now. Needing to get to bed earlier, do more cardio, that sort of thing.

Actually, I stopped blogging weekly weight loss updates because I started just saying the same shit every week: same weight as last week, need to exercise more, getting discouraged with my lack of progress. It’s been quite a while since those weekly updates, and I think it’s time to reinstate them. Maybe, just maybe, being accountable to the entire Internet will give me a little more motivation to follow the guidelines I set for myself each week.

This is a new strategy — or, rather, the return of an old one. I set myself a few goals and guidelines under the category of “what am I willing to change?” This week, the main strategy is staying within my daily Points allowance in order to allow myself a tracking-free Saturday.

See, I’ve been a bit of a tracker slacker, especially on the weekends, and I know that’s been a big contributor to the length of this plateau I’m in. It started out as a normal plateau, back before the holidays… but it just kept going. I stuck to Program, and it kept going. So I stopped caring. Started slacking. And gained back six pounds. I’ve re-lost some of that — this morning, my scale said 192.8, and my all-time low is 189.

I’ll be checking in every week with my progress. I’m counting on my readership (that’s you) to keep me honest. Maybe I’ll even scan in the pages of my food tracker, so anyone can give me detailed feedback (including my WW leader). Who knows?

At any rate, it’s time for me to switch something up. Eight months is too long to be in a plateau that’s 20+ pounds from my goal.