I’d be happy with a 3.4 pound loss any week, but it’s even sweeter after three straight weeks of gains, the last two fairly substantial. I’ve brought myself back to where I was three weeks ago (which is the same place I was three weeks before that), and am looking forward to continuing the downward trend.

Honestly, I attribute a good deal of my success this week to tracking — and, therefore, to the new Weight Watchers iPhone app. It’s so much faster and more functional than the mobile site, and I only have a few qualms about it (which I plan to address at length in a later post, and in an iTunes review). It’s just so helpful to have a big, bold number there, in my face, telling me YOU ONLY HAVE 3 MORE POINTS TODAY.

By extension, I’ve discovered that the eTools are actually more helpful than my paper-based 3 Month Journal. I can tabulate how I did during the week, as far as Points intake and exercise goes. For instance, I can see at a glance that, holy mare, did I go ballistic on Friday! Ate up half of my Weekly Points Allowance (formerly known as Flex Points) just during that one day alone. Note to self: watch out for Friday nights.

My leader asked me what I’m going to do this week. I told her, “The same thing I did this week!” Truthfully, though, I’m going to take it to the next level. When I was getting down on myself this weekend, feeling all frumpy and weak-willed, Aaron said that this week was the week of getting back to tracking, and next week will be the week of eating better and following the program more closely. And that’s what I plan to do.

Tonight, I ate exactly all of my Points by the time I was done with dinner, and now I’m using two of my weekly allowance on a hot apple cider with sugar-free caramel syrup. That’s way better than, say, blowing seven or twelve points on snacks or imitation crab or soup (or all of the above) to keep my cakehole occupied.

Tomorrow is Team Lunch Day. Wherever we go, whether it’s the Mediterranean place or the sports bar, I’ll come up with something tasty to enjoy, without blowing all my extra points for the week. Yep, this is do-able.