Run For Your Life

The good news: I’ve started the Couch-to-5K running program!
The bad news: I gained 1.6 pounds this week.

I’ve deposited the requisite amount of money into my Oops-I-Gained-Weight-This-Week savings account, to be withdrawn only when I reach Goal. And that’s all I’m going to think about this week’s gain, except for the acknowledgment (or possibly just the hope) that it was due to starting a new exercise program.

Truth be told, while I was staunchly strict during my first 20-Point week, I was a bit lax last week: I only stayed at or below 20 for two days. Most days, I ate around 25 Points, and I went absolutely batshit overboard on Monday night (yes, the night before my weigh-in). Linda told me to increase my Points just a little this week, but I’m inclined to try to do another true 20-Point week, just to see if it makes a difference.

Tomorrow is a retirement send-off lunch for one of my IT co-workers… at Spaghetti Warehouse. The good news is that they have detailed nutritional information online, so I can decide on a few options before I head out. There are actually a few reasonable lunch options above and beyond spaghetti with marinara sauce, thankfully.

My plan for the week is to eat slightly larger lunches, focus on fruits and veggies (but be sure to eat my protein — my muscles will need it), and to continue with the C25K program. One month until my beach vacation, and I’m going to look good in the pictures this time!