Promised myself I’d go for a birthday run. Better get out there before it rains. #ThisIsBeing40

Two mile run with only one minute-long walk break! PR for pace: 11:39 min/mile.


Brain Dump

I’m one of the rare birds who keeps a personal blog about all aspects of my life, not just one. My blog is about Diana Schnuth, not about just gardening, or diet and fitness, or photography, or parenting, or any other single aspect of my life.

My blog isn’t monetized, and I don’t have a “following,” per se, outside of my spouse and a few of my close friends — and even my friends (the original intended audience) don’t read my blog as much as they used to, now that they all rely on Facebook to keep them updated on their other friends’ lives.

Basically, my blog is for me. It’s my digital journal that happens to be public.

Last year, I set myself monthly word-count goals or other blogging-related goals; this year, not so much. As a result, I haven’t set blogging as a priority, and I can tell when I look at my posts so far in 2016. They’re mostly time-related — the 15th of the month is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, and I always post a Year In Review sometime in January, and I post an Operation Braceface update any time I go to the orthodontist, and I like to post monthly Weigh-In updates in the weight loss category.

I rarely post about general life happenings anymore, and that used to be what my blog was all about.

So, here I am, during my lunch hour at work, with some unexpectedly free time — my normal Wednesday lunch buddy had to stay home sick with her daughter, and there weren’t any fitness classes I wanted to drop in on last-minute.

Let’s pretend that you and I are sitting in the back corner of the local indie coffee shop, watching this crazy rain coming down outside, knowing it’ll turn to snow overnight. Let’s pretend we haven’t talked in a while, and you just asked me how things are going — and meant it.

Thanks for asking.


My Fitbit apparently registers running against the wind as climbing stairs. Fair enough; it sure felt that way.


I *would* pick the windiest day to run across the MLK bridge and back.


Before and after today’s run. Slowly improving my pace. Feeling good.


Skipped one of my walk intervals during today’s run/walk because I couldn’t NOT be running during “I’m Afraid of Americans.” #priorities

Squinty sunshiny post-run selfie. Proudly rockin’ that 12’35” mile interval run.


My Triumphant Return to Running

The x-ray, while boggling, was clear: there was no longer any evidence of spondylolisthesis. The condition that prompted my chiropractor to exhort me three years ago to “unlove” my new running hobby had corrected itself — due, presumably, to me strengthening my core and losing some 20 pounds.

So, shortly thereafter, when I found myself with no fitness class scheduled for the first Monday of the year, I decided that would be the day.