Twitter Update: Laundromat

Achievement Unlocked: Son’s 1st Laundromat Experience

The parts to repair our washing machine are currently on order, so I’m taking this opportunity to introduce Connor to the joys of laundromat life. I grew up doing this, but it’s a new thing for him.

Twitter Update: Sleepy

Even though I’m on a holiday staycation, staying up until 1:00am is not advisable for me. I tried it twice, just to make sure, and that’s a big NOPE. That groggy morning feeling is not how I want to spend my time off, though it does remind me of college… 😜

Twitter Update: Ready

I‘m up before sunrise on a Saturday. Morning coffee is on board, as are my vitamins and some ibuprofen for good measure. I even ate breakfast. I’m wearing camouflage workout capris without socks, and it’s 28F outside.

Wish me good skills on my Krav Maga black belt test! 🥋😳