My kindergartner and I went on a half-mile run this evening, to prep for an elementary Cross Country meet next week. This is awesome.

Just made @SpaGoddess’s recipe for Lavender Honey Salt Scrub (from an old issue of Ready Made) & put it in a recycled blue glass jar. 👍🏻

Adapted @RoniNoone’s Whole Grain Banana Pancake recipe to use up some leftover canned pumpkin and added chocolate chips at my son’s request.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Thing I learned about street photography today: Smile instead of being sneaky. Folks often don’t mind being photographed if you’re friendly.

Pushed my comfort zone w/ some street photography again today, this time with the Canon AE-1 w/50mm lens, loaded with CineStill 50 ISO film.

Just had a blast practicing my shoot-from-the-hip street photography skillz with my teeny tiny Pentax Auto 110 SLR with the 18mm wide angle!

I’m so not going to live tweet this, but I really hope she figures herself out. She clearly thinks she’s brushing OK, but she’s clearly not.