I’m the first of my department to arrive at work again today. I literally laughed out loud as I walked down the empty aisle of cubes. The boss and one other employee are on vacation, but everyone else must just be having a morning.

I lived in Florida as a kid, and not only do I remember this commercial, but I also went to Silver Springs with my Girl Scout troop in 4th or 5th grade. Glass bottom boats FTW! t.co/7k5JnrvKoe

Reading Superfudge to my kindergartener was going great — until we read Chapter 10 tonight and I had to real quick skip some pages that dealt with a truth about Santa that I’m not ready to reveal. Such are the risks of reading a 4th-grade-level book to my six-year-old.

Waiting for Women’s Olympic Figure Skating coverage to continue when my cable goes out. Perhaps this is a hint that it’s time for bed.

I have recently rediscovered the fabulousness that is @JohnnyGWeir. Not only did I fall down a YouTube rabbit hole of his figure skating performances last night, but I’ve also realized that he’s a pretty fantastic human being who “gets” social media.

It’s 8:30am and I’m the 1st one at work in my department. Four of the nine are on vacation today, so the others must be either working from home today or running later than me. 🙂

My bathroom scale said I was down more than two pounds from last week; the #weightwatchers scale said I lost 0.6 lbs. Meh.

Tonight I learned that Wei Wei, one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Toledo, is permanently closed. I’ll miss all my favorites on the Chinese menu, and the look on the owner’s face when she’d talk with our son. Best of luck, Sherry and Wei. We’ll miss you.

Up 1.2 lbs from last week’s #weightwatchers weigh-in, and up 0.2 total from two weeks ago. Unsurprising, after a couple intense workouts that left me sore, plus a couple days of not tracking my meals this week.

I was shooting to lose 1.8 lbs at this week’s #weightwatchers weigh-in. I only lost one pound.


That’s two weeks in a row that I lost a pound. I’m moving in the right direction.