Happy birthday, @schavitz! Today is also my boss’s birthday and George Takei’s birthday, so you’re in good company. Enjoy your day!

Kirby art by @talcotts is hanging on my son’s wall beside some Green Lantern art by Art Balthazar. Connor says he loves his Kirby “poster!”


You may be pleased to note, @relysh, that I will be continuing your tradition of sharing tomato plants at work. I maded too many maters.

Three flats of tomato plants

Normal routine upended by son’s viral infection. Dad and I taking turns being the at-home parent during this week’s fever. Discombobulated.

Had another dream last night that @altonbrown was my personal kitchen tutor. My subconscious is reminding me that my knife skills need work.

Yes, I spent the evening beached on the couch playing on my phone. I did NOT spend it binge eating, though, and I count that as a win.

I found it quite satisfying tonight to watch Episode 1 of the Ken Burns documentary series Prohibition while enjoying a whiskey and Coke.

Turns out, even half-assing a Cardio Drumming class is sufficient to make my legs sore enough that potty time is challenging the next day.

Did I really just spend my evening darning socks? Yes, yes, I did.

Darned Socks

Back when I ordered these Girl Scout Cookies, I didn’t know what a bingey state of mind I’d be in when they were delivered. Bad, bad idea.