Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce has morphed in my head from being about a love who’s left to being about a love who’s died. #middleage

Welcome to Downtown Toledo, Fowl & Fodder! It’s great to have you here.

Dear female coworker of my same generation,

I am a grown-ass 41-year-old woman. Please don’t refer to me as “girl.”


Preview weight on the bathroom scale showed me exactly the same as last week. Official #weightwatchers weigh-in showed me down 1.2 lbs!

About to do something I haven’t done in a Very Long Time: go on a walk alone, sans phone. No music, no camera, no books or podcasts. #MeTime

Tonight’s @butcherbox dinner: pan-seared rib-eye, the @altonbrown way. Turned out perfect! Nothing better than grass-fed beef on cast iron.

I kind of like Blue’s Clues, esp. w Steve. But Blue’s Room (the spinoff puppet show where Blue can talk) makes me want to stab my eyes out.

Oof. Whoever is manning the @FitbitSupport account is having a busy morning. The app and site are down, seemingly due to a bad certificate.

Thought I bought a t-shirt quilt; turns out it was so cheap bc it’s not quilted. Now I get to try my hand at hand-tying a finished quilt.

My kindergartner and I went on a half-mile run this evening, to prep for an elementary Cross Country meet next week. This is awesome.