Today’s application of Murphy’s Law: When the outside temperature is -2F, the drive-thru book return at the public library will be out of order.

My son and I made a metric ass-ton of molasses cookies tonight. If he’d earned any screen time today, Together Time wouldn’t have happened. #silverlining

I always re-watch favorite movies while I’m wrapping presents. Tonight was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Tomorrow will probably be Victor/Victoria.

No, watching the Trolls movie on Netflix is making YOU cry.

Wearing “support undergarments” under my smallish/fitted holiday sweater for today’s department holiday lunch. I know I look fine, but I feel kinda sausagey.

Bought dried porcini mushrooms from Amazon to try in a new recipe I found. Now can’t recall where I found the recipe, where I saved it, or what it was called.

Such is the danger of saving recipes in a three-ring binder, in Pocket, and by putting sticky notes on cookbook pages.

Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce has morphed in my head from being about a love who’s left to being about a love who’s died. #middleage

Welcome to Downtown Toledo, Fowl & Fodder! It’s great to have you here.

Dear female coworker of my same generation,

I am a grown-ass 41-year-old woman. Please don’t refer to me as “girl.”


Preview weight on the bathroom scale showed me exactly the same as last week. Official #weightwatchers weigh-in showed me down 1.2 lbs!