My son will sometimes pretend he’s The Flash, or Sonic the Hedgehog. He loves to run.

So, when I learned that our school district was hosting an Elementary Cross-Country Series, I knew I had to sign him up.

Unfortunately, we had to miss the first meet of the three-meet series because that was the day Connor had his annual checkup and flu shot — firstly, I couldn’t justify both coming in late to work for his appointment and leaving early for his cross-country meet; and secondly, he was hobbling around all day on his flu shot leg, so having his first-ever race on a bum leg would not have been a good experience.

I brought my “good” camera with me to capture Connor’s first-ever actual race, the second meet of the series.



Mugging for the Camera

[Taken 19 November 2014]

I set up my dedicated strobe in preparation for the upcoming family photo, just to make sure I remembered how to work all the settings — how to sync the flash and the camera, where to position the flash, that sort of thing — and Connor immediately jumped off the recliner and in front of the camera lens.

We’ve had “camera time” every evening for three days straight, at his request. I’m guessing he’s not going to have any problems with pictures this year.