Stale Blog Notes, 2005

Once again, from the depths of my unclean inbox:

17 November 2005 | 4:08pm

note to self: office soap operas are fun. changing info on one’s own loan can turn out to be very un-fun, however, especially when it results in termination.

I’d wager that the statute of limitations on this story has expired, so I’ll go ahead and tell it, since not only has the employee in question long since been terminated, but her former company is also defunct.

The employee in question — we’ll call her N — had apparently been making small but unauthorized changes to her personal line of credit for some time, and no one had noticed. We worked in Loan Corrections, after all, so part of our job was to adjust interest rates upon request. Where N made her mistake, however, was cutting her interest rate by some 6% or more one day.

The comic tragedy of all this, and how she got caught, is that Loan Corrections also monitored changes made to interest rates for lines of credit, and confirmed that those changes were correct and authorized. Had N only waited until it was her turn to monitor rate changes, she might have gotten off scot free. As it was, a particularly diligent employee (not me, thankfully) was on rate changes that week, and saw that N had made a change to her own loan. He took it to our supervisor, and the rest was history.

I honestly don’t remember exactly how things went down, but I do remember that her takedown was swift. Most Many of us didn’t know what had happened, why N wasn’t at work, and why N’s desk was being cleared out until the rumor mill swung into action.

Ah, the hijinks and hilarity of working at a bank.

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  1. It’s interesting how that works. I worked at Target in the 90’s and I remember a few cashiers getting busted by Hardlines 4(security) for stealing. They want bye bye in the cop car. There was one of my bosses who was bold enough to go in the back room on his day off looking for ACTION FIGURES! Nice way to lose your job. But I saw some of these people later still working with money. I wonder if “N’s” record was sealed.