October Weight Check-In

I’m glad I keep track of my Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) over the course of each month, because the last few months have really felt like Why The Hell Am I Even Trying.


  • Tracking the 1st week of October, even when i went over my weekly allowance by an embarrassing large amount.
  • Getting my first weight compliment in a Very Long Time (even after officially gaining over two pounds in two weeks)

I guess my biggest issue is that I’m always thinking about how do I want to feel now, instead of how do I want to feel in the long run. I want the taste of that grilled cheese sandwich topped with pulled pork and macaroni & cheese. I want dinner for me and my son fast (not fast food, though — boxed mac and cheese). I want to eat something huge and tasty while I’m out with my co-workers. I’m sure that pile of cookies will make me feel better about whatever BS is going on in my life at the moment. I never actually plan ahead anymore; I just eat in the moment, and if I go over my Points, so be it.

That’s not a diet. That’s not even mindful eating. That’s living to eat instead of eating to live.

This week, I started paper tracking. I’m not counting Points; instead, I’m focusing on the Good Health Guidelines. Getting enough water, fruits & veggies, taking my vitamins, eating whole grains and protein, dairy. If I can do that for a week straight, I bet that will put me closer to being on-plan than before. I still haven’t managed to do it completely right for one day… but I’m getting closer.

I’m also working on Operation Early To Bed Early To Rise. That’s less of a weight-loss-centric thing, but it fits in with health in general. I’m trying to get myself to bed earlier, so I get the right amount of sleep and can get Connor up in time to be wherever he needs to be in the morning, whether it’s daycare or back upstairs in his room after breakfast. I’ve noticed that I’m less fatigued in the morning when I get to work, which means I don’t feel the need to self-medicate with sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning. Bonus!

I’ve been enjoying fitness classes at my work gym, as well. I’ve done yoga for months now, and there’s a Core Fitness class that combines pilates and yoga and strength into a 40-minute core workout that’s also stretchy-strengthy like I like. I actually took three classes in all this week, including today’s abs class. I’ve decided that I’m going to be in the gym at least two days every week, even if I’m just hitting up the treadmill. The activity will be good for me, especially in these coming winter months when I have the potential to get really depressed.

So, that’s the state of me this past month, as far as weight-loss goes. I still need to do a full weigh-and-measure — haven’t done that for a Very Long Time — and I’ll bet it would make me feel pretty good about myself to see how my measurements have changed.

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