October Weigh-In

This is very much a headspace thing.

I know what I should be eating, and when, and how much. I also know that evening binges are not helpful, yet they still happen on occasion. Connor wasn’t even a jerky little kid on the night in question, and yet my brain was still stuck on Must Eat All The Things. I sat down and watched Good Eats on Netflix and ate a hardboiled egg, a can of Chef Boyardee, four squares of dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter, one Hostess pumpkin cupcake, and a Breakstones Cottage Cheese Double.

Seriously, self, WTF.

It’s easy to get discouraged when I see an unexplained four-pound gain in a single week (and, no, the aforementioned binge did not happen during the gain week; it happened the week after). Theoretically, though, that should make me try even harder. And it’s not like I entirely threw in the towel, either — I just had one “off” night. The rest of my post-gain week was actually pretty spot-on, and I lost 1.6 of the 4.2 I’d gained. (I lost two more the following week, much to my surprise — I hadn’t stuck to Plan very well, and I fully expected a gain or a stall.)

Seeing my goal date get more unreasonable really got me down, too — 2.5 pounds per week? I haven’t lost that much in one week since… well… I lost 2.8 one week in March? I lost three pounds one week in March 2014. Point being, expecting myself to lose 2.5 pounds per week for five weeks is a nice thought, but just isn’t going to happen.

So I recalculated.

I took an average “good week” of 1.6 pounds, divided that into how many pounds I have to lose to reach my Goal Weight, and added two weeks for good measure (since this span of time will include Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I don’t expect to lose on those weeks). I ended up at December 29, my last Weight Watchers meeting of 2015.

That’s more reasonable. I can wrap my mind around that.


  • Came downstairs from Connor’s room, frustrated, and did ten inclined push-ups against the loveseat instead of going into the kitchen to stress-eat.
  • My chiropractor noted — again — that I’m still losing weight. I didn’t correct her and say I’ve been losing and gaining the same five pounds; I just responded, “I’m trying!”

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