Raising Him Right

After watching one particular episode of his favorite cartoon, Connor asked 1.) if this game was for real, 2.) how do you play, and 3.) could we get it?

I gladly ponied up for both the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit and the Young Adventurers book box set from Amazon. Strike while the iron is hot!

I’ve never played D&D before, although that’s only because I never had a group to play with (or maybe no one thought I’d be interested, so I never got invited to join). If Connor wants to play with me and his dad for his first campaign, one of us grown-ups is going to have to DM… and there’s an awful lot of rules to absorb.

Even though I kind of wish we could game with an experienced DM instead of going it alone, I also hope this is a fun thing we can do together as a family.

Except Aaron and I can’t seem too excited about it, or Connor won’t want to do it after all…

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